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California State Parks reservations are now on ReserveCalifornia.com... (Click Here)

It's hard to believe that 2018 is almost over... with only one campout to go, we have had a busy year with 12 club-organized campouts plus various other trips mixed in. The Christmas Party and Campout will be our last Weakenders campout for 2018. Be sure to attend, the yearly dues pay for yourself and your partner or a guest to attend.

In other news: Ventura County Parks are now accepting reservations up to one year in advance for all beach parks, including the Rincon Parkway! More info...

McGrath State Beach is reopened for camping. 30 sites are available on a first come basis at $35 a night. More info...

Weakender coffee mugs will be available at the campouts...
the 13 oz. mugs are being sold at our cost which is $12.50 per mug...
Every rig needs at least two!

Here's the current newsletter

REMEMBER: We have two veterans in the club that need to make their own reservations for State and County campgrounds to receive their discount..

December 7-9th, 2018 - Christmas Campout - Tapo Canyon Park

December 8th at 1 pm - Weakenders Christmas Party, Tapo Canyon Park

January 25-27th, 2019 - Lake Casitas - hosted by Fred and Sharon

February 7-10th, 2019 - Steckel Park - hosted by Patti and the Edwards

March 2019 TBD - Lake Lopez - hosted by Laura and Cosby

April 25-28th 2019 - Lake Piru - hosted by Bill and Pam

May 2019 TBD - hosted by Geno and Deidra

October 4-6th 2019 - Flying Flags - hosted by Dick Scoville

California State Parks reservations are now on ReserveCalifornia.com... (Click Here)

Welcome to the Weakenders!

The Weakenders Camper Trailer Club was established in 1963 by a group of folks that shared two common interests, the love of the outdoors and a love for the RV lifestyle. As we start our 52nd year we are still enjoying those same interests. The photo below was taken at our 50th Anniversary campout at Ventura Ranch KOA, June 2013.

The Weakenders camp on a monthly basis, except for July and December. In July we have our annual Independence Day party and in December we have our annual Christmas Holiday party. Other than those 2 months, we enjoy all that nature has to offer us, during all four seasons. Campouts are held at campgrounds throughout Southern California, however most campouts are to the north of the Los Angeles area. (This is to avoid having to travel through Los Angeles on Friday afternoons to get to a campout, since all of the membership tends to reside in Ventura County and Northern Los Angeles County.)

To contact us or for any comments or questions, email: CamperBill@earthlink.net

Be sure to check out: The RV campgounds we visit and helpful RV links and resources

The Weakenders Membership

Ventura Ranch KOAWe had a great turnout for the Ventura Ranch KOA campout, June 2015!
We're looking forward to a return trip there for future campouts.

Note: The Campground and RV Links
have been moved to the New Camp/RV Stuff page

You know you're an RVer when:

You paid more for your RV than your house. 

You actually look forward to the arrival of the latest Camping World catalog. 

Your "honey-do" list is longer for your RV than the one for your house. 

You haven't been to your house in two months and you don't miss it. 

You just sit in your RV in your driveway for no reason other than that is where you want to be. 

You spend most nights on the internet researching RVs and places to travel. 

The screen saver on your computer is your RV. 

You leave the latest issue of Trailer Life or MotorHome magazine in the bathroom. 

While driving your new RV home from the dealer you are thinking about your next upgraded RV. 

You travel down the highway and turn your neck to watch all the other RVs. 

You buy a new house because the yard is large enough to park your RV. 

You are driving your RV home and are jealous of all the RVs going in the other direction. 

You envoy retired people who can travel any time they want. 

You eagerly change the black tank valve in your RV because it leaks, but won't fix a leaking toilet in the house. 

Your budget for RV upgrades and repairs is higher that your house repairs. 

Your RV has a better microwave and countertop than your house. 

You look forward to sleeping in the RV because the mattress is much more comfortable than the one in the house. 

All you talk about at work is RVs and your co-workers think you are crazy. 

You are addicted to your RV and here are no drugs to take for the addiction. 

You hold off retirement three years so you can afford that diesel pusher you have always wanted. 

You worry about getting 15 mpg in your SUV, but are not concerned about getting 7 mpg in your RV. 

You upgrade the television in your RV before the one in your house. 

You answer an ad from a single woman and ask her to send a picture of her RV. If she sends the picture she is a keeper. 

If you have read all of the above and can see yourself in over half of them then you are a Real RVer. 

“I don’t have to outrun the bear,” his friend shouts back over his shoulder. “I just have to outrun you.”


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